The Turn of the Universe

I do what I must, because... I can.

I'm J.D.! Some people call me Jed. Don't know why.
I call me Jed too. Still don't know why.

I think about a great many things. I write some of them down. And I like answering questions, so by all means ask.

I'm a Canadian who loves sci-fi, theatre, and all manner of geeky things. I watch most anything that has "Star" in the title (Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate...). I'm also a Browncoat, a Whovian, and a Sherlockian-in-training.

I can even think with portals.
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I realized I’ve been watching too much Star Trek: Voyager when

I hear people talking about the May Long Weekend and I hear “Malon Weekend.”

So here’s to the garbage men of the Delta Quadrant:

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